The complete waste reporting platform

With Bintracker, you’ll have a whole new level of transparency on waste production and costs.

Bintracker data allows businesses to track and monitor their waste habits, while also reconciling the data with information provided by your waste removal services.

Solutions to suit your waste reporting needs.

Bintracker offers a range of waste verification technology, including on-site collection weighing, daily digital bin counts and supplier invoice validation.

Collect, and Weigh, bins (or bags) on site using NMI certified scales, connected to the Bintracker Mobile App.

  • Detailed, real-time, source-level data for trend analysis and planning.
  • Powerful visualisations highlighting largest waste producers.
  • Automated validation process highlights outliers and errors, and facilitates both internal and external optimization.
  • Manager mobile interface for on-the-go analysis.

Digitally count bin collections via the Bintracker Mobile App.

  • Automated reporting with insights on daily services and costs.
  • Fully integrated to Bintracker platform & portfolio reporting.
  • Geolocation and photo evidence capture.
  • Second source of data and/or supplier reconciliation.

Map and validate supplier waste data through the Bintracker Wep Application reporting system, in a consistent, comparable format.

  • Full rate card reconciliations by line.
  • Anomaly detection: weight substitutions, extra charges.
  • Enables optimisation analysis and site comparison.


Portfolio View is available for combining sites and/or Bintracker products under the same umbrella.

Portfolio Buildings
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(On-Site Weighing)

Starter_Count - Blue

(Bin Counts)

SWR - Blue

Supplier Waste Reporting