Track your waste.

Bintracker is the world’s most powerful metering and analytics platform for Waste and Recycling.

Scan, Count and Weigh bins (or bags) from any smart device.

Connect to on-site scales for accurate, NABERS quality data.

Powerful, integrated cloud reporting featuring interactive Data Visualisations & Business Intelligence.


Integrated Hardware. Powerful Platform.

Bintracker offers a comprehensive waste reporting platform, from integrated on-site scales and cleaner mobile application, through to portfolio-level dashboards and regulatory reporting.

On-site metering

Scale integration and cleaner’s mobile application.

  • Automated data capture: weight, size, stream, source, location, day, time, user.
  • Contamination event notifications and reports with photos.
  • NMI compliant technology & process enables user pays.
  • We provide scales, or we can connect to existing.
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Powerful Analytics

Integrated, real-time visualisations and analytics.

  • Capture all site streams to unify waste data & reporting.
  • Automated portfolio-level aggregation and reporting.
  • Dynamic visualisations and advanced analytics.
  • Integrated Tenant portal.

Ratings and Compliance

Simplified compliance reporting and rating alignment.

  • NABERS Waste ready with data alignment and automation.
  • Supporting BBP, Green Star, GRESB and Carbon Neutral Certification.
  • Portfolio and industry benchmarking.
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Future Proofed Solution

Bringing waste tracking into the 21st century.

  • No obsolete/expensive computer on the wall.
  • Modern, powerful and easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Secure independent data management.

Easy for Cleaners

Suited to both bin and bag waste capture.

  • Flexible bin placement (not tied to location)..
  • Robust, accurate QR codes.
  • Easy contamination reporting.
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