Bintracker Premium

Bringing transparency and accuracy to waste management.

Track bins and bags via the Bintracker Mobile App.

Integrated scales capture weight data, and all transactions are recorded and reported automatically.

Powerful, integrated cloud reporting featuring interactive data visualisations and business intelligence.

Bintracker Premium Screen
Bin with a round bag

Bins or Bags

Bintracker Advanced tracks both bags and bins.

Contamination Reporting

Contamination Reporting

Integrated contamination reporting with photos and automated email notifications.

Tenant Portal

Secure tenant portal for easy data sharing and improved engagement.

Tablet Mode

Experience a new way to track waste with the Bintracker Tablet Mode.

Available exclusively on tablet devices, tablet mode allows users to select the waste stream and container size they are weighing, eliminating the need for QR codes. The streamlined process simplifies waste tracking and enhances the user experience.

  • No QR Codes Needed: Say goodbye to scanning QR codes and enjoy a faster, more efficient weighing process.
  • Optimised for Tablets: Designed specifically for tablet devices, this mode provides an enhanced interface and user experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Tablet mode integrates smoothly with the Bintracker platform, allowing for consistent data recording and reporting.

Featuring the Bintracker Reporting Suite

Analyse your waste data in real time, with our interactive charts and visualisations.

  • Drill-down Tenant and Location analysis.
  • Recycling Rate and Data Quality overviews.
  • Waste Stream break-downs, including non-recyclable decomposition charts.
  • NABERS Waste format data download.
  • Monthly trend analysis.

The Bintracker 'Collect-and-Weigh' process is simple to set up, use and understand.

We can even connect to existing scales if you have them!